Prescott June 5, 2022

Summer Hiking in Prescott, AZ

Prescott, Arizona, is an excellent town for hiking and exploring the outdoors. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, a great hike is waiting for you in Prescott. The summer months provide the perfect weather for hikes of all levels. Here are some of our favorite trails to explore this summer.

Butte Creek Trail

“The Butte Creek Restoration Council (BCRC) engages the Prescott College community, our surrounding neighbors, and the larger Prescott community in projects that help to restore, enhance, and celebrate Lower Butte Creek as the centerpiece of our expanding campus and a vital part of the Upper Granite Creek Watershed.” LEARN MORE.

Acker Park Trail

“Acker Park consists of approximately 80 acres of natural parkland near downtown Prescott with access from 421 S. Virginia St., Penn St./Eastwood, Autumn Breeze (in the Foothills subdivision) and S. Washington. The latter has limited parking and is best suited for walk-ins.” LEARN MORE.

Flume Canyon, Watson Dam

“These trails all connect, park either at the Flume trailhead off Granite Dells road or park at Watson Lake park $3 fee (free Wednesday). Multiple loop options with great views of Watson lake, canyons and lushest part of Prescott, Granite Creek below the dam.” LEARN MORE. 

Storm Trails/Easter Island

“The 160 acres containing the Storm Trails was purchased by the City of Prescott in January 2018, in February 2018 trail design and construction started. The trails showcase balanced rocks, boulder fields and impressive view of the Dells, Glassford Hill, Watson Lake and Granite Mountain. The Easter Island Trail is part of the Storm Trails network,the first entrance 1 1/2 miles down the Peavine from the trailhead on Sundog Ranch road.” LEARN MORE.

Ranch Trail #62

“Ranch Trail #62 begins in manzanita, pinyon pine, mountain mahogany, and low-growing oak. It climbs considerably to its junction with Boy Scout Trail #126, where Government Canyon lies to the west.” LEARN MORE.

Salida Gulch Trail #95

“Salida Gulch Trail #95 is a pretty hike through an intermittent steam area. It begins off of Salida Connection Trail #9263 and loops back to its beginning. In just over 4 miles, this trail showcases everything from prickly pear cactus to ponderosa pine.” LEARN MORE.

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